Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 11, 2008

TAKS Social Studies tutoring

Our social studies faculty are offering tutoring sessions to help you get a commended rating on the social studies part of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

From now to the next testing in early March, at least one session of tutoring will be offered every day:

  • Monday, Objective 1, Room 237, Mr. McClain and Ms. Janneck
  • Tuesday, Objective 2, Room 332, Mr. Mabry and Mr. Darrell
  • Wednesday, Obective 3, Room 318, Mr. Cowan and Mr. Rawdon
  • Thursday, Objective 4, Room 242, Ms. Young and Ms. Ingalls


Every student should come to take a practice test at least.  Psychologists have discovered that students test better when they are familiar with the format of the test and the way questions are asked.  Comfort makes perfect.

Students should plan to get no less than a “commended” score on TAKS.


  1. well done, dude

  2. This is a good idea. kids should expect to do very well on their taks test.Most kids are okay as long as they have a 70. Which is not good at all. We should try everything in our power to make sure the kids are involved in some sort of tutorial so the can do their very best.

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