Posted by: Ed Darrell | March 18, 2008

French Revolution, test review

For the long quiz/short test the week of March 17 — here are the review questions, and terms to know. 


Social classes
Estates: First Estate, Second Estate, Third Estate
Declaration of the Rights of Man
King Louis XVI
Tennis Court Oath
Napoleon Bonaparte
Committee of Public Safety
Reign of Terror


1. Who made up the First Estate?  The Second Estate?
2. The Third Estate was made up of peasants, merchants, and others who did most of the work in France.  About what percent of the total population was in the Third Estate?
3. Which estate paid most of the taxes in France?  Was that fair?  Why was it fair, or why was it not fair?
4. What event is said to have triggered the French Revolution?
5. What was stored in the Bastille that the peasants wanted?
6. What year did the French Revolution begin?
7. What day is Bastille Day celebrated?
8. Describe the Declaration of the Rights of Man.  Why is it important in world history?
9. What famous execution device was invented about the time the French Revolution started?
10. Who was the chief executive or ruler of France at the start of the French Revolution?
11. Who was Marie Antoinette?  What was her famous statement?
12. What happened to Louis XVI during the French Revolution?
13. How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution?
14. Compared to the American Revolution, was the level of violence of the French Revolution higher, or lower?
15. What happened in 1793 and 1794 that was particularly horrible, and what do we know that period by today?
16. Why did France declare war against Austria and other nations around France once the King had been deposed?
17. Why were other nations around France worried about the French Revolution?  Why did they consider it a danger?
18. What or who arose as the power that ruled France after the Revolution?  How did that story end?


  1. maybe the french revolution had to come anyways, because the debt was going to come anyways.. no?

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