Posted by: Ed Darrell | May 11, 2009

Between the Wars

Questions to answer about the Treaty of Versailles, Great Depression, New Deal, Rise of Fascism, Rise of Communism.

  1. Describe Wilson’s 14 Points.
  2. What happened to the League of Nations?
  3. What did the French hope to achieve with the Treaty of Versailles?
  4. Describe inflation in Germany, after World War I.
  5. What does the book describe as causes of the Great Depression?
  6. What happened to democratic states in Europe, after World War I?
  7. Describe the effects of the Great Depression in
    A.    Germany
    B.    France
    C.    Britain
    D.    United States
  8. What was John Maynard Keynes’s great idea in economics?
  9. Adolf Hitler achieved power in what year?  Why did Germany support him?
  10. Who ran in the U.S. presidential election in 1932?  Who won?
  11. Describe the New Deal, in detail.
  12. What was meant by the term “alphabet soup” when applied to Franklin Roosevelt’s programs?
  13. Make the chart asked in question 7, in the assessment on page 756, on the causes of the Great Depression.
  14. What is “fascism?”  Give examples.
  15. Identify Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, and Adolf Hitler.
  16. If you call someone a “brown shirt,” or a “black shirt,” why might they take offense?
  17. Describe Lenin’s New Economic Policy.
  18. When did Lenin die, and who led the Soviet Union after him?
  19. What is a “five-year plan?”
  20. Look at the Picasso painting shown on page 764.  What does it represent?  How big is it?

What do you think about this little point of history?

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