Posted by: Ed Darrell | November 6, 2009

Review questions for 2nd 6-Weeks’ Test

These questions should give a tight focus on material that will be covered on the 6 Weeks’ exam next week.  If you can answer these well, you should be in good shape to answer the test questions:

  1. What is John D. Rockefeller’s Oil Trust famous for?  Why was this considered a problem?
  2. What caused people to combine together in labor unions – what were the causes labor unions fought for?
  3. Where did most immigrants to the U.S. come from, circa  1870 to 1900?
  4. Carrie Nation – who was she?  What tool is a symbol of Carrie Nation?
  5. What were the effects of increased and improved mass transit in the early part of the 20th century, especially intra-city rail lines?
  6. How did immigrants who came to the United States from Italy and Russia between 1880 and 1900 contributed to our country’s culture and national identity?
  7. Who was Susan B. Anthony, and what were the successes of her cause?
  8. What was each of these men famous for?  (John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Herbert Spencer, Andrew Carnegie)
  9. What is stock in a business, and what form of business entity sells stock – and why?
  10. What is a monopoly?  What is a business trust?
  11. What is the difference between a craft union, and an industrial union?  Who was the great leader of the craft unions.  Who was the great leader of the industrial unions?
  12. What was the Haymarket Affair?  Where did it take place?  What about the Homestead Strike?
  13. What is Ellis Island famous for?  Where is it?  What national symbol is it next to?
  14. What does “urban” mean?  What does “rural” mean?  What is “urbanization?”
  15. What is a tenement?
  16. What was the “Gilded Age,” about when was it, and how did it get its name?
  17. What is the Civil Service Act, and what was it intended to fix?
  18. Who was Boss Tweed?  What (is/was) Tammany Hall?  Where was Tammany Hall?
  19. Who was Thomas Nast?
  20. What were the chief goals of the Progressives, and the Progressive Movement?  Name someone who might be considered a Progressive.  What are:  Recall, Referendum, Initiative, and Rollback?
  21. Who was Robert LaFollette?
  22. Who was Upton Sinclair, what was The Jungle, and what changes did it cause?
  23. Describe each of these amendments briefly:  16th Amendment, 17th Amendment,  18th Amendment, 19th Amendment, 20th Amendment, 21st Amendment
  24. What were the Civil War amendments to the Constitution?
  25. What sort of disasters did both Chicago and San Francisco experience (though 35 years apart, and by different causes).
  26. What are the problems of urbanization?  What problems did cities face as they grew?
  27. Who was Jane Addams?  What was the institution she established?  What was that movement called?
  28. What did immigrants supply to factory owners, and what role did they play in industrialization?
  29. Who was Theodore Roosevelt?  How did he get to be president?
  30. Know how to orient a map.
  31. Know how to calculate a simple percentage.


  1. Dear Author !
    You, maybe, were mistaken?

    • No, I wasn’t. You, maybe, were spamming? What do you think is in error in this post?

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