Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 19, 2010

Census poster project

Once again, in case you forgot your reminder slip:

Your project is to make a poster.  It can be as large as 22″ by 28″, or as small as 11″ by 17″.

Your poster should in some way encourage people to respond to the questionnaire they get from the U.S. Census Bureau, in order to get an accurate count of our population.

One of these three captions must appear on the poster:

  1. The 2010 Census is Coming
  2. 2010 Census — It’s in Our Hands
  3. 2010 Census — It’s All About Us

For A day classes, the posters are due February 23 (Monday).  For B day classes, the posters are due February 24 (Tuesday).

I’ll pick a handful of the best posters and send them on to the school competition.  The Social Studies Department will select a few of the best of those posters, and send them on to the District competition.

Yes, this is required.  It’s your project grade for this six-week period.  If you do not produce a poster, you’re missing 20% of the grade.




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