Posted by: Ed Darrell | April 24, 2010

Play these games, improve your geography scores

This is fairly addictive: The Travel IQ Quiz from TravelPod

Our sons found it to be addictive — of course, the better you know geography, the better you do.  This is a great way to develop general geographic knowledge that saves your tail on state tests.

How well can you do?  Alas, WordPress doesn’t support the embedding code offered by the makers of the game (I’ve tried to make the widget work, below . . .)  Click on the link above, or the link below, and have some fun.

This Traveler IQ
challenge is brought to you by the Web’s Original Travel Blog

Bet you can’t make it to level 10.  Try to prove me wrong.


  1. I like these games are they available on ipad…??

    • I have no idea whether this game is available for iPad — why not search, and if you find it, let us all know?

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