Posted by: Ed Darrell | August 20, 2010

Classroom supply list, for 2010

What do students need to bring to class?

Here’s the list you’ll get in your first or second classroom session:

Mainly, you need to bring your curiosity and willingness to learn.  Every day.

There are some supplies you absolutely need to study history effectively.

Bring to class every day:


#2 pencils with erasers


Blue or black ink pen



Paper to take notes on, and an extra sheet for surprise quizzes


Three-ring binder to keep notes, handouts and other study materials in

1 set

Colored pencils, for map making, chart making, picture drawing, and other use (you may use markers, too; pencils will probably be most versatile in the classroom, so please use markers in addition to pencils, not instead of pencils)

At least 1


Also, you will need these supplies for projects and homework:


Good pocket dictionary (an American Heritage, or Merriam-Webster, or other equivalent; keep this at home, or in your book pack, to aid with homework; use in class is encouraged, but not required


Road atlas for the U.S.  Some of the better road atlases are very large format and difficult to carry.  You’ll need this for reference through the year, and you may want to keep this in your homework nook at home most of the time.


Internet access, to get to the class website, and for other research (please see me early if you do not have internet access at home)


Posterboards, for projects  (white, generally; color board is okay for most projects)

Glue, staples, tape, as needed or as you see fit

I didn’t think to include it before I sent it off to print, but you may want to get a flash drive (thumb drive), of at least 1 gigabyte, if you don’t already have one.

On Day One, chiefly you need to bring your willingness to learn, and paper and writing utensil to take notes.



  1. Hey, Mr.Darrell just checking out the website and I sure gotta hand it to ya, It’s pretty interesting with all the WABACH, “WAYBACK” stuff goin on!
    Just dropped by to say. “Coo’ website!”
    and P.S. when does tutoring going to start because I’m in dire need of more help later on…
    From: Gustavo A. Macias in 5th period.

    • Enrichment and tutoring will start sometime in September. What fits your schedule best, Gustavo?

  2. Hi Mr. Darrell

    I’m just checking the website out and I gotta hand it to you….ITS PRETTY COOL…by the way Id like to retake the quiz we took today…..I could’ve done better.

  3. You may retake any quiz or test — just come see me after school.

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