Posted by: Ed Darrell | August 20, 2010

Molina students: Leave a comment

Molina High School students in Mr. Darrell’s classes:  Leave a comment when you visit, to show you were here.  Pick a post, any post, and comment on it.


  1. Hey this is Patrice Taylor from your 8th period class and I was letting you know that I went through your page and saw it. And I have a question? So when does tutoring start for you?

  2. Congratulations, Patrice! Comment #1 for the year.

    I don’t plan to start formal, regularly-scheduled tutoring until September.

    But if you have particular questions or concerns, tutoring can be done any time by appointment.

    Some students have different schedules for testing, for various reasons. If you’re in that category, let me know when you have tests coming — say, a couple of months in advance.

  3. Catalina Ruiz. 5th period

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  4. Heyy mr.darrel. im in your 3rd period. this site has very good information.

  5. Hey mr.darrel im in your 3rd period..
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  7. hey.! mr. darrel..
    pretty cool site.:D
    it has lots of imformation
    that it can help me pass your class.
    and im erica and im in your 4th period.

  8. hey Mr. Darrel! I finally visited your website
    and I have to say that you have some pretty interesting topics on here! well I’m from your 5th period..just letting you know :D

  9. hey mr.darrel. this website has very interesting cassandra from your 3rd period…

  10. hey us history is cool!!! im salvador from your 8th period!!!!!!

  11. mr darell i got a 44 in your class is it because i havent post comments in ur website ??? is me salvador from your 8 th period!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey its Franky im in your 3rd period.
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  13. Hey its oscar from your 2nd period.
    i like this site.
    its very useful.

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