Posted by: Ed Darrell | January 31, 2011

Extra credit: What’s wrong with this map?

Screen shot of Fox News news map

Screen shot of Fox News news map, date uncertain

Even more points for anyone who can vouch for whether this is a real screen shot, and when Fox News put it on the air, if it’s not a hoax.


  1. They put Egypt instead of Iraq

  2. Instead Of labeling Iraq, they put Egypt. Extra Points? Yes? :)

  3. When you look at the picture there’s a frame around the pic and it says “Egypt” instead of “Iraq.”

  4. Egypt is in the wrong place. I used another map

  5. They must have just picked any map to show on the news because they mistakenly put Egypt in the place where Iraq was supposed to be.

  6. Egypt was in the wrong place, where Iraq is supposed to be.

  7. Iraq is Egypt, Egypt is Iraq.

  8. Wow, Instead of Iraq it says Egypt. They put it on the wrong place

  9. egypt is the main priority right now in the middle east with all the democracy issues that have occured over the past months, which left americans stranded over seas.

  10. also that was my point plua iraq is in the wrong location on the map.

  11. Egypt is suppose to be in North Africa and where Egypt is, Iran is suppose to be..

  12. Egypt is not in the right place. This is a hoax.

What do you think about this little point of history?

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