Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 8, 2011

Social Studies on-line practice TAKS, 2011

You can take a practice TAKS test on-line. You should do it.

TAKS graphic

One of the best ways to prepare for the TAKS Exit Level examination remains taking practice questions similar to those found on the TAKS test, on the topics and material covered by TAKS. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) releases TAKS tests from time to time. The April 2009 test is one of those, and the April 2006 test is another.

Just to make it easier, TEA put the test on-line in a form you can take and have scored immediately.

[Having difficulty seeing the link? CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE APRIL 2009 OR APRIL 2006 TAKS]

There are 55 questions. If you read quickly you can take it handily in an hour. If you allow two hours, that should be good. The program will give you a scaled score when you’re done. Your target should be at least a 2400 scaled score.

You didn’t get a 2400? Take it again.



  1. I made a almost commended score I just needed like 70 more point to get a 2400..

  2. I’m more confident I’m going to pass the real task now that we took a practice one..

  3. i found the test fairly easy i got 54 out of 55 correct.

  4. Juan, did you take it before the actual TAKS?

  5. i hate taks test……!!!!!!!:(

  6. i passing the social studies but i see easy

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