Posted by: Ed Darrell | August 19, 2011

Go see “The Mystical Arts of Tibet” in Dallas, August 19-26, 2011

Trammell Crow’s family donated the space, and much of their collections of oriental art, to create the Crow Collection of Asian Art. It’s world class stuff, good supplement to both world history and U.S. history. On occasion the museum sponsors special events. This week they have one of the coolest series of events they’ve ever done — again.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet features Tibetan monks and sand painting of an enormous mandala, a great work of art that takes about a week to make, and then is dismantled in a special ceremony.  It’s temporary, alas.  The complete calendar of events from the Crow Collection is listed below.

Students from Booker T. Washington High School will present hand-screen-printed shirts to the monks in a ceremony on Friday, August 26.

Most of these events are free to the public — the final ceremony is $30 for general public, but $15 for students. 

Our class offers extra credit opportunities for many programs and visits to museums and galleries.  Students should see me for the reporting requirements to get extra credit for any of these events.

Or just go.  It’s cool stuff, very beautiful, and quite dramatic.  The Crow Collection of Asian Art resides at 2010 Flora Street, Dallas 75201 (on the north side of the Trammel Crow office building, between the Belo Mansion and the Dallas Museum of Art, catty-corner to the Nasher Sculpture Garden).  For tickets or more information, call 214-979-6430.  Here’s the calendar from the Crow Collection:

Mysical Arts of Tibet The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Friday, August 19–Friday, August 26 Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery return to the Crow Collection for a week-long artist residency to construct a magnificent Tantric Buddhist mandala sand painting. During the week, millions of grains of crushed marble are painstakingly laid into place in this ancient spiritual art form to generate energies for global healing. Visitors are welcome to witness this remarkable process from 10 am–6 pm each day of the residency.Please join us for these special events. All programs are free unless otherwise noted.

View Full Schedule

Mystical Arts of Tibet Friday, August 196:00 PM–Midnight | Crow Collection After Dark: Mystical Arts of TibetCelebrate the opening of The Mystical Arts of Tibet with an evening celebrating the traditions of Tibet. Tour the exhibition Tradition Transformed: Tibetan Artists Respond and create your own sand paintings, prayer flags, and Tibetan friendship scarves.

7:00 PM | Opening Ceremony: The Mystical Arts of Tibet

Experience the beauty of this ancient ritual and blessing of the space as the monks prepare for the creation of the mandala. Seating is limited; $30 for the public, $15 for Friends of the Crow Collection and students. Reservations are required; call 214-979-6438.

Mystical Arts of Tibet Sunday, August 211:00 PM | Lecture: Meditation: A Tool for Conscious LivingJoin the monks for a conversation on the practice of meditation as a means for quieting the mind and establishing an inner basis of clarity and well-being.

2:00 PM | Meditation with the Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery

Enjoy a relaxing hour of meditation led by our artists-in-residence. Space is limited; $10 donation to the Drepung Loseling Monastery is requested.

Mystical Arts of Tibet Wednesday, August 2412:15 PM | Gallery Talk and Tea
Opening the Heart: Arousing the Mind of Universal Kindness
Join the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery for complimentary tea and a conversation on the contemplative techniques for strengthening the capacity for love and kindness.
Mystical Arts of Tibet Friday, August 265:30 PM | Prayer Flag Gift PresentationPrintmaking students from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts will present t-shirts printed with original prayer flags to the monks in a ceremony bridging East and West.

6:30 PM | Mystical Arts of Tibet Closing Ceremony

In a ceremony representing the impermanence of all that exists, the monks will dismantle the sand mandala. Following the ceremony, the sand will be dispersed at sunset at Turtle Creek in Dallas.

Seating is limited; $30 for the public, $15 for Friends of the Crow Collection and students. Reservations are required; call 214-979-6438.

Questions students may wish to ponder:

  • What sort of religion is Buddhism? 
  • Do Buddhists believe in a god as Christianity, Judaism and Islam understand the idea?
  • What is the purpose of the enormous mandala?  (What is a “mandala?”)
  • In what country is the Drepung Loseling Monastery?  (Find it on a map.)  Why is it there?
  • Is there a clear connection to U.S. history here?
  • Who was Trammel Crow, and why was this collection named after him?
  • Are there other great museums or art collections in the Dallas area named after people?  Which are they, and why were they named after a person?


  1. Sandpainting runs to 6:00 p.m. each night.

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