Posted by: Ed Darrell | September 30, 2011

Students leaving comments

Students assigned to leave a comment — so I can be sure you know how to find your way here — look to the bottom of any post.

At the bottom of all posts, generally on the right side, you will find a note in hot-link colors, either specifying how many comments have been made already, for example, “12 comments,” or saying simply “Leave a comment.”  Click on that link.

That should take you to a list of comments, at the bottom of which is a box that says, “Enter your comment here . . . ”

Enter your comment there.  You need to leave an e-mail address, which will not be published, and your name.  If you post under a name not your own, please e-mail me with a note on what name you used, so I can get it credited correctly.  The box will ask you for your website URL — feel free to leave it if you have one, but you may also leave it blank.

Ask Mr. Darrell if you have any difficulty, or any questions.


  1. Hi:) mr Darrell I love history I really do I enjoyed the videos we watched in class

  2. Good morning Mr. Darrell.

  3. Mr.Darrell , Darrell, Darrell like i got dared to comment you but Im Flor
    Gonzalez :) and I did my homework assi.
    you ROCK!

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