Posted by: Ed Darrell | October 21, 2011

Edison gets the light bulb right, October 31, 1879

GE cartoon on Edison's light bulb, by Maki Naro

Cartoon by Maki Naro, for GE - Click for larger image

GE’s release said:

Perhaps there should be a bumper sticker: “If you love doing stuff at night without a kerosene lantern, thank Edison.” Okay, it doesn’t roll trippingly off the tongue. Still, today is the anniversary of Thomas Edison’s 13-and-a-half-hour test of the carbon filament lightbulb that made electric light a practical reality for the world. As we’ve discussed before, Edison was one of many inventors of the lightbulb, but his designs proved to be transformative for the technology. Maki Naro marked the occasion with a short comic (replete with Alexander Graham Bell, who’s hoppin’ mad).

Keep in mind any potential bias from this source:  Edison is usually considered the founder of General Electric (GE).

Also, check out this post about the development of the lightbulb at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub:


  1. With all the information I’ve been taking in over the years, somewhere within all of that knowledge crowding up my mind, I completely forgot who was responsible for the invention of the light bulb. Thanks Mr. Darrell. This fortunate Pin Factory has restored a lost part of my knowledge.

    • Bryan – check which blog you’re on.

  2. Thats cool how the light bulb worked

  3. i really liked this post… it has fun pictures that help me to memorize information better. Also the information it gives you is very interesting, I did not know anything of the light bulbs, but today I learned something new!!!

  4. This comic was pretty nice …made it more intresting to look at and read

  5. The cartoon made the invention of the lighbulb really interesting. I never knew anything about lightbulbs until now.

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