Posted by: Ed Darrell | December 26, 2011

Washington crossing the Delaware, from a different angle

Mostly borrowed, with explicit permission, from Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

Past in the Present has this wonderful, terse post up:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Unless you’re a Hessian.

Passage of the Delaware, by Thomas Sully (1819). Now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Passage of the Delaware, by Thomas Sully (1819). Now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

  1. Hessian? Do you know what he’s talking about? (You should!)
  2. What is the other famous painting of this event?
  3. Considering how famous that other painting is, isn’t it almost tragic this one isn’t more famous?
  4. Considering #3, how many other great paintings of U.S. history sit in museums, or in government buildings, waiting to be discovered? Maybe bloggers could help, by finding those paintings, photographing them, and posting the photographs.
  5. Oh, yeah – it was 235 years ago tonight, December 25 and 26, 1776; the Battle of Trenton (in New Jersey)



  1. I like this view of Washington, I had never seen this picture before. Is this picture brand new? This is very interesting, I would like to learn more about this painting.

  2. Graciela — read the piece more closely. The painting was done in 1819, but refused by the North Carolina Capitol because it was too big — it hung in a tavern for a while, but was purchased in 1903, and then, inexplicably, hidden away for 107 years.

    Go see the photos here:

  3. then this picture should be very valuable and old!!!
    hidden away for 107 years? this is interesting, it has mistery!!

  4. Another painting of the Passage of Delaware but in a different point of view…this is very interesting.

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