Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 17, 2012

Studying the Dust Bowl

You’re a U.S. history student in Texas — boy, howdy, do you need to know about the Dust Bowl!

Tractor buried by windblown dust, South Dakota

Tractor buried by windblown dust, Rosebud area, South Dakota, 1935

Missed the handout? Oops.

Check these sources:

Could we have another Dust Bowl?  Have our conservation practices improved enough to prevent another such occurrence?  Has the climate changed to make it more likely, or more unlikely, that we’ll see a dust disaster again?


  1. This article help me to understand the Dust Bowl more

  2. Hope that doesnt happen to us one one day amen

  3. Helped me understand more about the dust bowl

  4. The climate conditions during the Dust Bowl were terribly dry.

  5. The Dust Bowl was caused from no rain (drought) and from improper, overplowing of the land from farmers. It caused extreme dryness.

  6. i think The Dust Bowl was a major spur to the creation of the SCS, and it led to a worldwide search for solutions on how to conserve topsoil from all forms of erosion…..but i need to understand more about this…

  7. The Dust Bowl was rather dry.

  8. I feel bad for the people who had to suffer through it, hopefully it doest happen again.

  9. Say dawg ! (: this is jt just living a comment so you can give me a better grade in class? just a normal comment like this one right??.. well girls txt me, take care bye <3

  10. The Dust Bowl, I hope it doesn’t happen to us.

  11. They suffer through dry climates ect.

  12. The Dust Bowl was very severe, and it impacted mostly everyone in its way. The days were hot and dry and the dust flew all over peoples faces.

  13. The Dust Bowl, it was dry.(;

  14. Dust Bowl?
    Is that like Super Bowl?

  15. I didn’t know dust bowls were that bad.

    • This series of events is known as “The Dust Bowl,” with capitals, precisely because it was so bad. Dry seasons come and go, and even droughts. Dust storms are not exactly uncommon. But this was a disaster largely caused by human activities, which joined with particularly nasty weather conditions to produce tragedies of truly epic proportions.

      Most dry seasons are not so bad.

  16. I really learned a lot reading this, and watching the video in class.
    Thanks for this!

  17. I do believe we coould have another dust bowl. Our conservation practices have improved but i do not if it is enough to prevent another occurence like the Dust Bowl.

  18. i hope nothing like dis would ever happen

  19. […] Studying the Dust Bowl ( […]

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