Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 22, 2012

Interactive Periodic Table of the New Deal

From the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, a great feature:  Click here to see an interactive “periodic table” of the New Deal, featuring major programs and personalities, with descriptions to aid your learning.

Now, if only we could have such a thing to use during tests, eh?

We can’t, so study it now.

Periodic Table of the New Deal, thumbnail version (Spackenkill Union Free School District)

Click here for interactive version at FDR Library

Which New Deal program is your favorite?  Why? 

Which New Deal programs were most successful, and why do you say so?

Could the U.S. put together a program like the New Deal today?  Why or why not, and why would it, or why would it not, work?  Comments open.


  1. i like the both New Deals, because they raised the economy.
    .Bbut otherwise i did like too much the entire era, because it was part of the
    Great Depression =)…

  2. I Lyk Both!!!!

What do you think about this little point of history?

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