Posted by: Ed Darrell | February 27, 2012

What gave you trouble on the practice TAKS?

For those of you who took the practice on-line TAKS test, in comments, below, list those questions that you found most vexing, those you didn’t know for sure.  Maybe we can clear up some problems now, while there is still time to work to get the commended score you need.

What questions gave you trouble on the practice on-line TAKS?  List them, below, in comments.


  1. I had trouble on the events of American history

  2. I didn’t know the second objective

  3. I have a lot of trouble remembering the dates.
    what can i do for extra credit in your class i currently have a 66 and need a passing grade.
    I am in your 1st period

    • Samantha, there are nine dates it’s critical to recall — 1877, end of Reconstruction; 1898, Spanish-American War; 1914-1918, World War I; 1929, Stock Market Crash; 1941-1945, World War II; 1957, Sputnik’s launch; 1969 (in my classes), Apollo 11 lands on the Moon; 1981, end of the Cold War — and I can give you flash card materials if you’ll come ask. The important thing to do is get down the story of history, and some of the key principles of history and geography.

      Extra credit? The Dallas Museum of Art has a great display on Art of the Roaring ’20s/Jazz Age. Go see it, write a report, bring me a copy of your ticket. We’ve mentioned outside reading on several occasions, the biographies of Teddy Roosevelt, or Franklin Roosevelt, or Harry Truman’s Plain Speaking, or John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Profiles in Courage, and a dozen other books. You can get credit for reading individual chapters. Let me know.

What do you think about this little point of history?

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