Posted by: Ed Darrell | April 9, 2012

6th week of the 5th 6-weeks — don’t wait until the last minute, please

Tests to make up, homework to turn in . . .  please don’t wait until the last moment.

See this video from the Irish Rail Service:

Tip of the old Wayback Lever to Keelan Foley.


  1. how do i have a 25 in your class when i do all my work?

    • Not all grades are in. You need to retake a test on which you didn’t score so well as you should have.

  2. when you move with out a second thought of danger bad things may happen, you leave your self unaware of danger at hand. look before crossing is what the Irish Rail video is trying to show us.

  3. Safety first!!! Be aware of any danger.

  4. Always have a second thought and safety is always first!! good video.

  5. Safety is always the first priority!
    Mr.darrell i’ve done a couple of this i Hope you give me a passing grade i want to graduate this upcoming JUNE !! and how do i have a 25 if i always do my work and turn it in?

    • Concentrate on learning the material — tests are important, too.

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