Posted by: Ed Darrell | April 24, 2012

Class assignment: Take a practice TAKS test, report your scores

Mr. Darrell’s classes:  Your assignment is to take this TAKS online practice test, and report your scores in comments.  Pass/fail grading, but it is a graded assignment.

TAKS graphicOne of the best ways to prepare for the TAKS Exit Level examination remains taking practice questions similar to those found on the TAKS test, on the topics and material covered by TAKS. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) releases TAKS tests from time to time. The April 2009 test is one of those, and the April 2006 test is another.

Just to make it easier, TEA put the test on-line in a form you can take and have scored immediately.


There are 55 questions. If you read quickly you can take it handily in an hour. If you allow two hours, that should be good. The program will give you a scaled score when you’re done. Your target should be at least a 2400 scaled score.

Important:  In comments below, report your both your raw score (like “45/55”) and your scaled score (a four digit number, like “2267”).

You didn’t get a 2400? Take it again.



  1. Here in comments, students need to leave their practice scores. If you want to report sort of anonymously, e-mail me with the name you posted under here, but post the scores!

  2. 42 out of 55 questions and my raw score was 2266

    • Actually very good. Study the questions you missed; if you have a few minutes, take the practice test again.

      In any case, you got the assignment . . . and “First!”

  3. […] And of course, there is the online practice with a real, released TAKS test from TEA. […]

  4. i took it again and got 43 out of 55 questions correct and my raw score was 2280.

    • First study the questions you missed — get the right answers.

      If your printout suggested an area where you need work, work in that area next. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep tonight! I predict a higher score tomorrow.

  5. i took the 2009 TAKS and got 53 out of 55 questions correct and my raw score was 2543 :)

    • Quick review — get to bed! You’re ready.

  6. i just took the 2006 TAKS Practice and got a 45/55 and my scale score was 2312.

  7. 44 out of 55! My score was 2300! I guess I’m ready to take this test! ;D

    • Only a month late! Congratulations.

      Now, please study up for the few new items to be on the ACP test,

      Good work, Miguel . . . now work on timeliness, too.

  8. […] Update 2012:  Go here to link to an on-line, TEA-released TAKS Social Studies Exit Level Test. […]

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