About Mr. Darrell’s Wayback

The Wayback Machine — named in honor of Mr. Peabody‘s WABACH, which some of you may recall from the old “Rocky and Bullwinkle” programs — offers supplemental information and on-line resources for students in my U.S. history classes.  It’s a good way for students to keep up if they miss class, and it’s a good place for students to ask questions that arise outside of class, or any time.

I hope we can use this weblog to find new and effective ways of using computers and the internet to speed and deepen U.S. history studies.

If you’re looking for information about Mr. Darrell, check out the explanation of the header photo, above.



  1. So The Wayback Machine was in honor of Mr. Peabody WABACH, which means it’s a way to keep us from missing a day in class.

  2. Ultimately, yes. Even better, maybe a way to help you learn history and the interesting, fun stuff in it.

    Mr. Peabody and Sherman often found that history wasn’t stuffy, old and dull as portrayed in school textbooks, but instead loaded with petty arguments, grand fights, silly mistakes and grand accidents that turned out much better than anyone had a right to hope for.

    A lot of their stuff was high fiction aimed at bad jokes (that were very funny); every time I watched it I found myself asking, “Is that what really happened?”

    Then I’d pull out my parents’ and siblings’ books and look it up.

  3. Hey, Mr. Darrell how is this Wayback machine related to Abraham Lincoln’s Wayback Machine because Mr. Peabody Wayback sounds different to this one. Sherman and Mr. Peabody enter the WABAC machine ca. 1960 to witness another time and place in history.

  4. No relation to any other Wayback on the web, not this one, nor this one, nor especially related to Mr. Peabody’s WABACH, except in homage.

  5. So, if they have no relation to any Wayback then that it means their the same.

    • Close enough to “they are the same,” at least to the extent that we’re all about improving interest in history, and knowledge about history.

      George Santayana, the philosopher, admonished us to look critically at our past: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

      Those are words to learn by.

  6. All This Stuff Is Very Confusing?

  7. This is a good way to keep up when you miss class?

  8. It could be used for keeping up, yes. I hope it will work that way — what really makes it work is when students dig in and ask questions, and discuss the issues.

  9. Hey Mr. Darrell it’s me Daniel, I’m in this site now.
    Thanks for all the factual stuff and formation.
    So uh….got a twitter? :)

  10. mr darell this website help me out with homework!! :)

    • Great to hear, Salvador. I’m impressed that you’re working on homework a week before it’s due.

  11. Mr. Darrell I don’t understand about the cold war it’s confusing..

  12. I really hope i can learn from here, becuase i get distracted easily in class. :) Good source.

  13. Dear Mr. Darrell:

    Amsco’s editorial department has created a free AP U.S. History quiz that you can access via our eLearning Web site: http://amscoelearning.com/book/5/83

    The quiz is delivered in an interactive format that allows students to answer the questions online, receive a score report, and review the quiz to determine which questions they answered incorrectly. In addition, there is an interactive checklist that directs students to the chapters in Amsco’s United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam that they should review if they answered a question incorrectly.

    We invite you to link this quiz to your own Web site, and share it with any colleagues who might find it useful. Please note that you need to have at least Adobe Reader 9.0 for the quiz to work.


    Adam Hinz
    Director of Humanities
    Amsco School Publications, Inc.
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  15. Great way to help students.

  16. Learned so much History.

    • What did you learn — and why do you think that’s important?

  17. i like this i can get on here n look up this i dont know n i wait i miss class 1 day this week wat did we do…..???????

  18. yo its dalton give me a 100!!!!!!

    • Looking for substantive comments for 100s . . .

  19. the world is going to end soon. Are you prepared?

  20. Very interesting website

  21. Lots of things to learn in this website… Keep up the updates..!

  22. Hmmm you should write more about kennedy

  23. Hey, Mr. Darrell, I’ve noticed that we only had such little conversation about Adolf Hitler. Why is it that there is not much to say about it. It is the same with the textbook there is like only one piece of a chapter or facts spread around it. What hidden facts can you give about it.????

    • Perla,

      Hitler is an easy target, but for U.S. history, how much is there to say about him? More important, to me, would be the lives of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George C. Marshall, and Dwight Eisenhower, to mention three. We’ve had to speed through World War II, touching only an a few of the highlights. I’d love to spend a day on Winston Churchill, as one foreign official we should know (and the guy who beat Hitler). I’d love to spend another day on battles and other events in the war.

      We don’t have much time.

      What do you want to know? When, in class, I say “Any questions?” that would a cue for you to ask about those things you’d like to know more about.

  24. Mr. Darrell, it’s my first time getting on here. This is actually very interesting. I have a question though, how often do you update this?

    • I don’t update it as often as I’d like, nor as often as I should. Alas, frequent updating has not improved the use of these resources that I can tell.

    • What is it you are curious about that you would like to see more, or more timely information about?

  25. Ur class is awesome:)!

  26. So you write back to perla and Blanca but not me.? Nice darell nice.. :/

    • I’d like to get a conversation going on topics we cover in class. Have you used the search feature here to see what there is on the Cold War, or on Vietnam, or the Red Scare? What do you think, Jasmin?

  27. U have a awesome clas just not when u always scream!!

  28. thanks for letting me and cristal retake the test and for the pizza(:

  29. i agree with lissette’s comment :) thank you mr. darrell and i will go to you after school next week to retake the test “AGAIN” hopefully i pass it

  30. why dont we ever talk about pancho villa

    • Pancho Villa? The short answer is, he’s a major player in modern history for Mexico, but not so much for the U.S.

      The longer answer: The Texas State Board of Education does not put Pancho Villa in the category of “stuff Texas kids need to know,” or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), from which the questions on the TAKS Test come.

      The better answer: He’s mentioned in U.S. history briefly prior to World War I, when Gen. John “Blackjack” Pershing was assigned to track him down in Mexico, after Villa raided a town in New Mexico. Pershing was unable to capture him.

      What do you think we should study about Villa? He’s a very interesting character, and his time, at the Mexican Revolution of the 20th Century, is very interesting, too.

      Channel 13, KERA, had a two-hour feature on the Mexican Revolution, and Villa and Zapata, in the past few months. Did you see it?

  31. This website has interesting topics. I somewhat get a better understanding of what history is really about. The videos we watch in class are interesting too, I was really interested when watching the one on Elvis Presley, I thought it was cool.

  32. I like it Mr. Darrell .This is a really helpful website, it had helped me to clarify some doubts i had.. this page will be really usefull for me.

  33. i find this website very helpfull for studying for my upcoming ACP exams thanks Mr. Darrell wish me luck on the test!

  34. Interested and intrigued by your blog. Very inspiring! Looking forward to your next posts. Please follow back if you will. Thank you!

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