Posted by: Ed Darrell | April 1, 2010

Cold war notes

Notes on the Cold War, its origins and major events in it, from the Pearson textbook group, with additional information from Mr. Darrell.  It’s in PowerPoint format.

Remember, it was called a “Cold War” because it was not a “hot” war.

Cold War, Chapter_28 of America Past and Present, with additional material



  1. great web site..its has useful notes and resources we can study..the test was pretty easy too.

  2. Your multiple-choice score is 35 out of 55 questions.

    Your total score would correspond to a Scale Score of: 2180.
    i try better on the real one. i didnt have much computer time.

    • Good work, Daisy!

      Practice — just a few more questions, and you’ve got a 2400.

  3. Hey, Michelle — did the program offer information on which objectives you may want to study more?

  4. Mr. Darrell I study the test ?

  5. Yes, study the test!

    Click on the link at this post, and take the practice test. Record how you scored in each area, so we know what to work on.

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